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About us:

The Juice to Make it Happen is an ecclectic musical entity that plays and produces concious and thought provoking music in a wide range of styles. We blend hip-hop, jazz, blues, funk, rock, soul, classical, and other exotic genres music to make a unique and refreshing listening experience. We collaborate with a variety of other performers, producers, singers, and instrumentalists to help generate a fresh and diverse sound that is evident when you listen to the full range of our music; with our collective and collaborative power, there exists the potential to create virtually anything, which we utilize to the fullest. Appealing for almost all ages, genders, genres, styles, ways of being, and walks of life, our music has inspired and intrigued many people around the world, and we hope to continue bringing quality and uniqueness to the global music community for a lifetime to come.

What we're after

Our team is looking to license our various produced music works via any applicable media; film, tv, radio, or any sort of advertising. We are interested in both exclusive and non-exclusive licensing, and custom production/composition/song writing work.

What we can offer

Through years of producing music, we have accumulated a fairly extensive catalog of both instrumental and vocal music. Additionally, we have a wide range of musical resources, i.e. vocalists, instrumentalists, song writers, and producers, which we offer for you to utilize in the production of any sort of musical work you can think of.

Contact Us

If you are interested in utilizing our music our services in any way, please don't hesitate to contact us.